finest mulberry silk
made for all sleep personalities
mulberry silk sleep mask

Cool, blackout, and sustainably made from 100% fine mulberry silk inside & out.

sleep well, live fully

Veepli makes comfortable silk sleep masks for all sleep types, with 100% natural materials and quality construction.

Sleep is not luxury, but necessity and foundation of everything. Our mission is to elevate your sleep, empowering you to unlock your full potential to create the life you want. Life is short, live it with passion and love.

dual-color style to fit your mood

Discover our lovely dual-tone silk eye pillow, featuring two colors with sides A and B. Made gentle, wide-covered, it snuggles your eyes, and lulls you to sweat dreams.

soft strap for sleeping in any position

Seeking an alternative to elastic band? Try the soft silk strap with thin cushioning that tenderly embraces your ears and head for unbelievable comfort. Feels strap-free!

for people and the planet

We believe in caring and sustainable business. It motivates us to do things differently. We use ONLY the fine and eco-responsible materials (Mulberry Silk), with quality construction, we seek to create products better for people and the planet.

shine from inside

We promote a conscious lifestyle - a desire for simpleness, health and happiness. Sleep tight everyday (and care for your loved ones' sleep too), and allow your body system rejuvenate itself naturally. In return, they will care for your well-being, and you shine from inside.