better for you, better for the planet

We believe in doing things differently. At veepli, we put the planet and its people first. That’s why we utilize eco-friendly materials, natural mulberry silk. Luxury and sustainability coexists.

for the planet

Our commitment to eco-friendly practices spans from materials to customer delivery. We use ONLY the natural mulberry silk (which is biodegradable) to encourage sustainable farming. Our packaging prefers paper to plastic and reduces single-use waste whenever possible.

products made better

We believe quality sleep essential for a healthy and happy life. Committed to excellence and efficiency, we partner with a leading silk producer complying with stringent production standards. We guarantee the quality of our products. We're also working on more designs.

for all sleep personalities

From our original to our upgraded, we strive to create the most comfortable silk sleep masks for all sleep types. We’re constantly motivated by customer voices in our pursuit of high-quality products for upgrading people's sleep and life. You inspire us to grow.


find your style and color

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